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KnowledgeSync - Business Activity Monitoring
Does this scene look familiar?  You employ multiple people to bring you information, then you must decide what to do with it?  Don't you wish you could be more efficient and do more with less?

The right information – sent to the right people, at the right time, via the right device – is critical to the success of your organization.  Emailing an invoice to a client when they place an order. Faxing a purchase order to a supplier when stock runs low.  Scheduling a sales rep to follow-up with a prospect who hasn’t been contacted. Or taking an incoming email and creating a support ticket.  KnowledgeSync automates these processes – across your organization – as the industry’s leading Business Activity Monitoring solution.

KnowledgeSync is an "invisible assistant" for your business.

An assistant who watches over your business, and warns you (and your staff) about conditions that require your attention. Conditions such as leads that haven’t been followed up on, stock items that require re-order, and invoices that are overdue for payment.

An assistant who takes care of repetitive business processes. Processes such as delivering client invoices and statements, assigning leads to salespeople, and distributing analytical reports to your staff.

An assistant who monitors incoming email and your website for requests, questions, and inquiries. Inquiries such as questions for your customer support staff, requests for product information, and registrations for class enrollments.

KnowledgeSync is that invisible assistant. KnowledgeSync is an enterprise-wide Business Activity Monitoring application that combines business intelligence, alerts, and workflow to keep you on top of your business.

  • Have you ever lost a sale because you forgot to follow-up with the prospect?
  • Have you been surprised to learn that your best sales rep has almost nothing in their pipeline?
  • Has a client ever gotten mad because they requested something from your website and received nothing?
  • Have you ever been blindsided by a sudden change in your revenue forecasts?
  • Have you ever lost a client because you failed to remind them about a contract renewal?
Don’t let these things happen to you. KnowledgeSync can help.

  • Does it take you too long to identify which clients are good prospects for add-on products or services?
  • Do you lose sales because of the time it takes to respond to clients who have visited your website?
  • By the time you analyze the performance of your marketing campaigns is it too late to adjust them?
  • Do you get surprised by unapproved changes to a marketing campaign budget?
  • Are you unable to monitor the ratio of marketing forecast revenue to actual revenue until the campaign is over?
Don’t be caught saying “If only we had known”. Get KnowledgeSync today.

  • Are you unable to deliver order confirmations or invoices immediately after an order is placed?
  • Do you end up writing off bad debt because you’re not able to keep on top of clients with overdue receivables?
  • Do you lose out on early payment discounts because you miss their deadline?
  • Do you have one or more staff members who spend an enormous amount of time generating and delivering statements and other paperwork to clients?
  • Have you been caught by surprise when you learned that a client had their credit status or credit limit changed and you weren't told?
Finance is too important to leave to chance and memory. KnowledgeSync is the answer.

  • Have you ever faced an irate client because no one told them their delivery was going to be delayed?
  • Have you ever had your production come to a standstill because you ran out of a stock of an inventory item?
  • Does your staff ever start a job only to find out later that the client has been placed on credit hold and all orders are suspended?
  • Has someone ever changed critical information on a standing purchase order but failed to tell anyone about it?
  • Have you ever had to write off “old” inventory because no one knew that is was due to expire within the next few days?
Surprises are never a good thing in manufacturing. Stay informed with KnowledgeSync.

Customer Service
  • Have you ever had to deal with an angry customer because you were unable to meet their service level agreement?
  • Does it take hours – or even days – to realize that one of your support reps is overloaded with calls?
  • Do you wish you had a way to let your clients log their own service calls into your system – and inquire into the status of them?
  • Are there times when a new support call will remain unassigned for hours or even days?
  • Do have a way to contact field service personnel by cell phone, pager, or PDA?
Empower your staff to stay one step ahead of your clients. Give them KnowledgeSync.

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